For several years I ran regular professional courses teaching Punch and Judy skills including the use of the swazzle. Eventually I wrote it up as a book. As a young performer I'd been mentored by Sydney de Hempsey who wrote the classic 'How to Do Punch & Judy'. It was the first book of its kind and Syd gave me his last copy (which I still have). I've also taught Punch and Judy in the USA at the Puppeteers of America Festival and in Naples at the Scuola di Guaratelle project. I've also tutored students of Central School of Speech and Drama in the skills of street puppetry.Writing a new manual on the theory and practice of performing the show seemed an appropriate task at the turn of the 21st Century and I'm glad to say it's been acknowledged as the modern standard work on the subject.
I'm currently working on The Art Of Punch and Judy - a book intended for advanced students and seasoned performers. There's an awful lot more to the humble Punch and Judy Show than meets the causal observer's (or performer's) eye.
If you have questions about performing Punch and Judy you are welcome to post them on the blog (there's a link to your left).
If you have questions about aspects of the Punch tradition you'll find most things you'll need to know within the Punch & Judy College of Professors site. But if you don't find the answer there, then check out the blog.
And don't be inhibited about asking questions. The Punch tradition is not a secretive closed shop but a warm hearted collection of individuals (excepting, of course, the inevitable odd misery guts. But who cares about them?) Punch and Judy is all about fun and mischief.
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