Welcome to the ministry of THE COMMEDIA CONGREGATION of the Universal Life Church


"The Ministry That Wants You Rolling In The Aisles"


THE COMMEDIA CONGREGATION believes in the Universal Power of Laughter and celebrates that belief through the shared public performance of Punch and Judy Shows and other age-old moral tales and antics embodying messages of mirth and wisdom.


The healing powers of laughter have long been known as a cure for the world's ills and THE COMMEDIA CONGREGATION holds as an article of faith that The Slapstick Is Mightier Than The Sword.



Mr. Punch is an embodiment of humanity's ability to face Life with a laugh. He is a primal figure who may change his form from culture to culture and era to era yet keeps his red nosed moral message constant. Draw strength from his mocking laughter in the face of adversity and strife.


Don't be downcast by the devils of despair or chased by the crocodiles of confusion. Let the slapstick be your support as laughter sets you on the path to a fulfilled life. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Witness the antics of Punch and Judy as they triumphantly turn the world upside down and show us life reflected through a carnival mirror.


THE COMMEDIA CONGREGATION welcomes you and your sense of humour whole-heartedly. The Congregation is affiliated to the non-denominational, all-embracing Universal Life Church in California, USA. You are welcome to be ordained as a Minister within THE COMMEDIA CONGREGATION upon application. Ordination is absolutely free and requires nothing from you other than sharing our belief. You may also choose to be ordained directly into the Universal Life Church Monastery from the mother church in America.


Ordination - or just membership - is open to those from any belief system or none. The sole credo of the Universal Life Church is "To Do That Which Is Right". As Mr. Punch endeavours to express it "That's the way to do it".


May Universal Blessings of Laughter Be Upon You.

REV. GLYN EDWARDS (ordinand of ULC Monastery)


The Universal Life Church was founded by Rev Kirby Hensley of North Carolina in 1959. It has diversified over the years and has a roll call of celebrity ministers including Mel Blanc, Ray Bolger, Richard Branson, Johnny Carson, Cyd Charisse, Sammy Davis, Jr., Doris Day, George Harrison, Goldie Hawn, Hugh Hefner, John Lennon, Courtney Love, Paul McCartney, Alanis Morissette, Paul Newman, Debbie Reynolds, Rosalind Russell, Sharon Stone, Ringo Starr, Barbra Streisand, Hunter S. Thompson & John Waters. The Commedia Congregation was founded as a ministry of the Universal Life Church in 2005 to provide a spirtual home embracing the no less illustrious practioners of slapstick silliness and other comic arts.


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