That's my dad in the Long Boots. It's also him pictured as Peanuts The Clown with me and mum as the front and back end of Dandy the Pantomime Horse. The small picture of him is from the programme of 'Starlight Rendezvous' - one of the seaside variety shows he produced and appeared in during the 1950s. And top and bottom are faded images of mum and dad from their seaside Concert Party days in the 1930s. In later life he brought a Punch & Judy set from a retiring showman in Bournemouth. He never managed to master the art so he let me try. And - aged fourteen - that's how I got started.

This is Mary with some of her puppets. She is the niece of famous puppeteer John Wright who created London's Little Angel Theatre "the home of British puppetry". Mary's own work has been exhibited worldwide and for many years she ran a company making puppets for TV.

The several stages of a Punch and Judy man. It's the same Mr. Punch puppet in each picture . He hasn't aged - unlike his Prof.


This is Katey (with us in the background) and her show. She took her grandad's clown name and became 'Prof. Peanuts'.
And finally this is Katey's daughter who adores Mr. Punch and got her own toy puppet theatre for her 3rd birthday.
My dad may not have become a Prof himself - but he certainly left a legacy of Profs.