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Successful Punch and Judy

‘Successful Punch and Judy’ (now in its second edition) is a book for beginners based on courses that I used to run. I’m delighted that it’s now considered the standard modern handbook for learning about the skills of the show.

“with wit and charm, Glyn Edwards, one of the world’s great punch Profs, has turned out a Punch & Judy manual as energetic as his performances” The Puppetry Journal

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‘The Art of Punch and Judy’ is the first book to go beyond the basics and delve deeper into the theory and practice of the show.

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Punch and Judy Out and About DVD

Punch & Judy Out & About

Watch a typical show filmed on the seafront at Brighton. Plus a performance filmed at night in a fairgound-style tent. Also includes bonus tracks including a brief history of Punch & Judy. Running time 60 mins.

“I venture to say that anyone wishing to learn about the show should study these audience reactions. When everything is in tune and the partnership is right magic is created – and it was on this occasion” Ray DaSilva, Puppeteers UK

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Business as unusual!


He'll be in his usual pitch on Brighton seafront
every Thursday from July 28th to Sept 1st

Outside the West Pier Centre at the foot of
the BA i360 tower

Shows between noon and 4 pm

He may pop up on other days too.

He's also given his site over to guest seafront performers on
six special Sundays 

July 24th Prof Patel's Bollywood Punjeet and Judy-gee Show

July 31st teenagerJosh Neville's Punch & Judy

Aug 7th The Mechanical Box of Delights

Aug 14 and 21st Inner State Theatre's Sunshine Variety Show

Aug 28th (puppet!) Elephants On Parade


Mr. Punch will be

on Bognor Bandstand on Aug 9th

outside Littlehampton Museum on Aug 20th

on Bognor Promenade on Sept 3rd

His other summer performances are at private events.

He's delighted to still be a seaside favourite in the 21st C.
and would like to share a few of his recent favourite feedback quotes.

"This is the best thing on the whole seafront. My heart is all warm from my childhood. The artistry is so wonderful". Jenny

"I could watch it a thousand times and laugh as much the thousandth time as I did the first." Beth

"My heart, it boils. Mr. Punch. I am in love." Asha

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